Revised Scheduled for last week in March, first week in April

Mother nature sure knows how to throw a wrench into the ice schedule!
Luckily the rink had extra ice time available this Thursday, March 28th and next Tuesday, April 2nd for us to make up missed show practices. See the below REVISED show schedule with updates and changes to March 28th (NOTE PRIVATE ICE IS AT A DIFFERENT TIME) and the addition of April 2nd.

Please review the new schedule carefully to see where the missed show practice is rescheduled. All show practices that were canceled have been rescheduled. If you cannot make your rescheduled time, PLEASE be sure to reach out to the coaches of the number.
Private ice has not been rescheduled. You will receive a credit from the club for preregistered times canceled. NOTE AGAIN PRIVATE ICE TIMES HAVE CHANGED FOR MARCH 28th – Lo/FS/Hky is now 7-8pm, Int/FS is now 8-9pm.