Board Members - 2019-2020 season

President - Nicole Arvidson (Safe Sport, PR)

Vice-President - Heidi Schultz

Secretary - Amber Johannes

Treasurer - Steph Nelson

Board Member - Christine Henning

Board Member - Jessie Blanchette

Board Member - Michaela Olson (Sanctions)

Board Member / Coach - Kelly White (Test Chair)

Board Member / Coach - Tessa Dutcher (Test Chair)


Non-Board Member Positions

LTS USA Coordinator/ Coach Chair/ Scheduler  - Kris Juettner


Thank you to our outgoing board members from the 2018-2019 season - Mary Bakker, Jen Bugher, Robyn Krasky, Amber Pazdernik, Jessica Srock, & Kelly Eddy.  We appreciate you and all the hard work you've done for the club!


We Want You!

We have positions opening up on the board each spring! Please let us know if you are interested in serving the club in this capacity!


Upcoming Events

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Fundraiser ends

Be sure to turn everything in today! Thanks for your support.

NOV 22
Cub Food Fundraiser

Private Skaters will be bagging groceries to raise funds for the club!