Skaters and Parents utilizing our Private Ice sessions,

Please read these rules together with your child to be sure they understand our club ice rules. Following these rules will help us to ensure that your child has a fun and safe skating experience when participating in our club activities.

Skaters Check-In:

All skaters must check in with the ice monitor at the rink door or music box area.
This will indicate whether or not you have pre-paid with a registration form or will be buying on with a punch card. Skaters buying on to ice with a punch card must purchase the entire ice time even if you do not plan on skating the entire hour.  There are NO partial buy-ons.

Rink Ice Monitors:

Ice Monitors are in charge at all times! The Ice Monitor and/or any Coach has the right to reprimand any skater at any time if the following rules are not adhered to:

1.) Chasing or horsing-around will not be allowed.
2.) Talking with friends in groups or one-on-one on the ice is not allowed.
3.) Standing around watching other skaters in the middle of the rink is not allowed. Do this at the side of the rink or from a side box.
4.) Laying on the ice is not permitted! If you have fallen, get up as quickly as possible to avoid being in the way of another skater or getting hurt because a skater may not see you. IF YOU ARE HURT, don’t move, call to a skater or coach to assist you.
5.) GUM, FOOD, or DRINKS are not permitted on the ice. Drinks may be kept at rink side only.

Music and Right of Way Rules:

1.) Your music can be played at anytime as long as there is no line.
2.) If there are several skaters wanting to play music, put your music/CD in line. It will be played in the order in which it was put in line. If you have more than one CD, move these together. Only one song can be played at a time. A parent or the RINK MONITOR would be welcome to play the music for the skaters to speed up the use of time for all skaters.
3.) COACHES giving lessons ALWAYS have the right to play their student’s music while giving their student a lesson whether their tape is in line or not. (Max. 2X per lesson, if there is a long line)
4.) THE SKATER WITH THEIR MUSIC PLAYING always has the right-of-way on the ice. All other skaters are expected to watch out for this skater at all times and not get in their way. This may occasionally happen unintentionally. If it happens too many times, the skater will be reminded of this rule.
5.) Other music may be played during practice, but must be in good taste. If a coach or board member feels inappropriate music is being played, you will be asked to turn it off.
6.) TRAFFIC ISSUES need to be brought to the attention of the ice monitor to be resolved.



A colored sash may be worn by the skater with music playing to designate that they are skating to their program music and have the right-of-way. All other skaters are to notice this skater and stay out of their way.
A sash will only be used if the ice is very busy!

Coach Courtesy:

It is a rule in the skating community that when you have a hired coach and you choose to work with another coach, or decide to switch coaches, you must inform your current coach first.
DO NOT simply show up working with another coach without informing your current coach first. All monies due must also be paid before switching.


If taking on a new skater, you must ask these questions before taking on a new skater. (Have you informed your current coach? Have you paid your monies owed?)

Parents and Skaters:

Please DO NOT TALK with coaches during someone else’s lessons. You are wasting valuable ice time that someone else is paying for.

YOUR ROLE AS SKATING PARENTS is to encourage your skater to practice and use his/her time wisely. Please do not send negative messages to skaters or parents about other coaches or skaters.

ENCOURAGE your skater to SUPPORT other skaters as a team, as we are all skating for and representing the same club, regardless of the fact that your skater has a different coach.

DO NOT spread rumors or gossip about skaters, coaches, or other parents. If you think there is room for improvement, which there always is, please let one of the board members know immediately!


Please support one another at all times, on the ice, in the arena, at a competition. NEVER make fun of someone else for falling, or not quite mastering something they are working on, after all you were once there too! Never tell another skater that they aren’t any good, or that you are better than them, or that your coach is better than their coach. Encourage one another to feel good about yourselves.

DO ALL OF THESE THINGS AND YOUR CLUB SPIRIT WILL GROW and be passed on to others and the community which you represent.

“Skate and work hard and you will improve; stand by the boards
and gossip, and you will stay at the same level you were last year.”

LO Freeskate Ice:

This ice is designated for the Beginning level skater through No Test.
An advanced level skater may use this ice only for the purpose of choreography lessons or Moves. No jumping is allowed by advanced skaters during this time.

Intermediate Freeskate Ice:

This ice is designated for Basic Skills 5 and up. Again, if a skater at a lower level has a lesson with a coach, they may use the ice, however, they may not practice without their coach.

HI Freeskate Ice:

This ice is designated for Freeskate 1 and up.
However, if a skater is working directly with a coach at a lower level, they may use this ice as well (Basic 5 & Up), These lower levels skaters cannot, however, stay and practice on this ice without a coach.


These rules apply to all skaters, however, this is a lot for a young skater to remember. Please tell them the general rules. If you see a rule being broken, please remind them again of the rule. They will learn in time. We will all be patient, kind, and encouraging. Thanks for your help!


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