Learn to Skate USA Member Fee

This fee is charged by Learn to Skate USA for membership in their Learn to Skate USA program.  This fee is paid once during the skating season and is valid from July 1 - June 30. It also covers your skater with 3rd party liability insurance. You receive a membership card and a skills assessment book.  Learn to Skate USA members are considered to be any skater that does not take private lessons. Basic 1 – 4 skaters may take private lessons under this fee.

Guest Fee 

This applies to a member of another club and AAHA members only who skate as guests on our ice.  This fee is paid each session you skate on (i.e. Summer, Early Fall, Fall/Winter...) and exempts you from fundraising.



AFSC Home Club Member Fee

The AFSC Home Club Member Fee is mandatory for all private skaters in Basic 5 on up who are taking private lessons. The majority of this fee goes directly to USFS for membership. It includes 3rd party liability insurance. You will receive a membership card directly from USFS. Your membership allows you to compete at sanctioned competitions and test at official USFS testing sites your Pre-Preliminary through Senior tests. You also receive the “US Skating” magazine on a monthly basis keeping you up-to-date on your favorite skaters, rules and regulations, competition results, etc. It also gives you many leads on equipment, skate wear, camps, and other information. This is a must have magazine! The balance of the fee helps to cover paper and mailing costs to keep you up-to-date as an AFSC member.

Second Home Club Member Fee

This fee is the same as the Home Club Member Fee, but is for the family with more than one skater. Your first skater is the first fee, your second & third, etc., are all second members, including board members. Second club members receive all the same benefits, except being mailed a magazine. One magazine is mailed per family.

Associate Member Fee

An Associate Member is a "Home Club" member of another USFS Club, but is supplementing their skating through our club by utilizing our ice time and/or coaches. They will receive benefits from their "Home Club". Benefits received through the AFSC include participation in our ice shows and exhibitions. Costs to use the ice and participate in official tests with the AFSC will be the same as our own "Home Club" member.



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NOV 22
Cub Food Fundraiser

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