Early Fall Private Ice Schedule

The 2023 Early Fall Private Ice Session (with ice times available on Thursday, Sunday and Monday evenings) starts September 7, 10 & 11, 2023 and goes through October 8, 9 & 12, 2023. Detailed ice times are as follows:

  • THURSDAYS (6xs), September 7 – October 12, 2023
    • 7:00-8:00pm Lo/FS/Hky/Moves
    • 8:00-9:00pm Int/FS
  • SUNDAYS (5xs), September 10 – October 8, 2023
    • 5:15-6:15pm Lo/FS/Hky
    • 6:15-7:00pm 9/24, 10/1 & 10/8 only – Power Jumps & Spins Class – $45
    • 7:00-8:00pm Int/FS
    • 8:15-8:45pm Moves Only (30min)
    • 8:45-9:45pm HI/FS
  • MONDAYS (5xs), September 11 – October 9, 2023
    • 7:30-8:30pm Lo/FS/Hky/Moves
    • 8:30-9:30pm Int/FS

A reminder that all parents will need to volunteer to ice monitor. Please click the SignUp Genius link below and sign up for a couple shifts. Thank you!

Sign Up!

Lo/FS/Hky/Moves: Private Ice for skaters in Basic 1 thru No Test, hockey skaters & PrePre & Up working on MOVES only.
Lo/FS/Hky: Private Ice for skaters in Basic 1 thru No Test & hockey skaters.
Int/FS: Private ice time for skaters in Basic 5 & Up to practice or receive lessons on. Moves included.
HI/FS: Open to any skater at a Freeskate 1 level or above. Moves included.
Open/FS: Open to any skater taking private lessons at any level.
Moves Only: Open to any skater practicing Moves in the Field patterns for test. No jumps, no spins, no hockey.
POWER JUMPS & SPINS CLASS: For all skaters Basic 4 and up. Have fun these three weeks adding some power, strength and some polish to your jumps and spins. Experiment with different techniques and have a good time out on the ice too!! Aspire and advanced level skaters beyond Aspire are encouraged to register. We will split the class and challenge the upper-level skaters appropriately!

REGISTRATION IS DUE BY August 31, 2023. A $35 late fee will be applied if registration is received after the 8/31/23 deadline.

CLICK HERE to go to our new registration platform to register for early fall ice!
Let us know if you have questions.