US Figure Skating Tests Passed Feb-March 2023

A quick shout out to our skaters who worked hard the past couple months accomplishing goals and passing their US Figure Skating tests.  Way to go ladies, the club is proud of you!

  • Alexis Anderson- Pre-Preliminary Moves *with Honors
  • Paisley Olson- Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
  • Avery Suchy- Preliminary Free Skate
  • Emma Fosso- Pre-Juvenile Moves & Free Skate
  • Natalie Meichsner- Pre-Juvenile Free Skate & Juvenile Moves
  • Alivia Arvidson- Juvenile Moves & Juvenile Free Skate
  • Grace Reinke- Intermediate Moves
  • Aili Schultz- Intermediate Free Skate Test & Novice Moves Test