Spring Show Ticket Sales and Volunteering

Ticket sales and volunteer sign up are now ready for the spring show! 

As you already know we were planning on limited admission due to Covid-19.  In order to manage the number in attendance and to make it as fair as possible to everyone, we have come up with a two-phase sales process (outlined below, please take the time to read through it all).  Also different this year is that all tickets will be a flat admission rate of $10/person, for both students and adults.

Ticket Sale Details:

  • PHASE 1
    • Phase 1, which will run now through Thursday April 1st, allows each skater to purchase up to 5 tickets per show. 
      • Each skater is allotted 5 TICKETS per show.  If you have two children in the show you multiply that by 2, if you have three children in the show you multiply by 3, etc. 
      • Tickets can be purchased on our website which is our preferred method (see link at the bottom of this post).  If you cannot purchase online, please reach out to coach Tessa and she will get you a paper order form. 
      • Tickets will be distributed at a later date once your order is processed.
    • If you want more tickets per show than you are allotted you will need to coordinate with another skater to purchase any extra they have available FROM THEM DIRECTLY.  We WILL NOT be selling to anyone other than the person the tickets are allotted to during phase one.  The club will create a Spring Show Ticket Swap Facebook post that you may use as a way to let folks know if you need additional tickets or if you have some available to swap.

After April 1st we will tally up any remaining unsold tickets for the show and on Monday, April 5th at 6:00pm we will proceed with Phase 2 of ticket sales:

  • PHASE 2
    • Phase 2 starts on Monday, April 5th at 6:00pm and will be IN PERSON ONLY at the rink during practice ice through Dress Rehearsal.  Ticket sales at this point will be first come first served.  So if you needed more than 5 tickets for a show and were unable to coordinate with another skater, you will have the opportunity to buy any left over tickets (if any) for that show.  Again, these tickets will be sold in person only so we can keep an accurate tally of how many tickets are left.

**4-7-21 UPDATE – We are selling tickets at the door! Sales are open to all persons, not just show participant family and friends!** As of now we are not planning to sell tickets at the door.  Tickets may only be purchased in advance.  However, we may reassess that depending on the number of tickets available after Phase 1 is complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you who will be bringing preschool and under aged children, those kids will still need to be included in the total person count even though they will not be charged admission.  Please contact us at info@alexandriafigureskating.org to let us know if you will be bringing a small child.  They will not count against your 5 ticket/show total.

Volunteering Details:

Volunteering at the show is not only super important so that the show flows smoothly and kids are all being accounted for, but is a way to gain admission to the show for free and not be counted against your ticket count!  We will need volunteers for all three shows as well as Friday night dress rehearsal.  Unfortunately, those working dress rehearsal will not get a free admission ticket this year as we need to track numbers. But please do sign up to help that evening so the kids are monitored!  We will be using SignUp Genius this year to coordinate (link is below). Thanks!

Links to buy tickets and sign up to volunteer:

Phase 1 online sales are now closed. Buy in person at rink during ice times starting Monday, April 5, 2021 (Phase 2 is open to everyone, first come first served sales until we sell out the show)

Sign up to volunteer here!

Thank you to everyone for all your understanding as we do things a little differently this year. We are super excited to celebrate the end of the season with an amazing Spring Show!!