2021 Winter Learn to Skate & Aspire Group Lessons Info

Winter Learn to Skate USA and Aspire Group Class Registration will be opening at NOON on Monday, December 21, 2020.

Things to note when you register:

  1. We are ONLY accepting online registrations.  Go to www.alexandriafigureskating.org/registration/ and click on the appropriate registration form link to register. 
  2. We have limited spaces for group lessons available due to COVID-19.  If needed we will create a waiting list. Group Lessons do fill up so please register early.
  3. Those in the previous session that was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pause in sports activities will receive a credit toward the winter session.  Please note the adjusted value on the registration form and select that box.  PLEASE REGISTER EARLY SO YOU DO NOT MISS A SPOT – we are NOT holding spots for skaters from last session.
  4. Group class registration on the website will be broken up into two forms: 
    1. LEARN TO SKATE USA Classes for Snowplow Sam, Basic 1 – 3, Hockey Skills, and Adult will be on one form.
    2. ASPIRE (Learn to Skate) Classes for Basic 4-6, PreFreeskate, and Freeskate 1-4 will be on a second form.
  5. Hockey Skills and Adult Classes will be on Sunday nights, NOT Mondays.  The Hockey Skills class is geared toward skaters that will eventually go on to play hockey instead of recreational skating.
  6. The Aspire (Learn to Skate) Classes will be held on Sunday and Monday nights (this is a two-night class).  The Aspire programing is new this year from US Figure Skating and expands what was formally known as the Bridge Program.  The Aspire curriculum is designed to help athletes make the transition from a skater to a figure skater.  If you have questions about this programming feel free to reach out to our head coaches, Tessa Dutcher or Lisa Olson, or our Learn to Skate Director, Kris Juettner.
  7. All skaters must review and agree to the “Back to the Rink COVID-19 Plan” as posted on our website forms page.  Please take a moment to review our policies before registering.

Finally, the club calendar has been updated with class times for your reference prior to registration.  Rental skates are available to rent for club members only – PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP if you are in need!  It is necessary to size for skates before for the start of the session as we have limited sizes available. Please plan ahead so your skater is ready the first night of skating!

Here is a summary of the registration options:

  • Learn to SkateSnowplow Sam and Basic 1-3 levels are held on MONDAY nights starting January 11, 2021 and go 8 weeks ending on March 1, 2021.  Class time is 6:30-7:15pm (this includes 30 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of practice free skate).  Cost is $90 (plus $25 Learn to Skate USA membership fee* (if due) and $20 Guest fee** (if applicable)).  Adjusted cost for those in the previous cancelled session is $56.
  • Learn to SkateHockey Skating Skills and Adult Skating are held on SUNDAY nights starting January 10, 2021 and go 8 weeks ending on February 28, 2021.  Class time is 6:15-6:45pm (30 minutes).  Cost is $80 (plus $25 Learn to Skate USA membership fee* (if due) and $20 Guest fee** (if applicable)).  Adjusted cost for those in the previous cancelled session is $50.
  • AspireBasic 4-6, PreFreeskate, Freeskate 1-4 levels are held on SUNDAY and MONDAY nights starting January 10-11, 2021 and go 8 weeks ending on February 28-March 1, 2021.  Cost is $155 (plus $25 Learn to Skate USA membership fee* (if due) and $20 Guest fee** (if applicable)). Adjusted cost for those in the previous cancelled session is $99.  Your Aspire Registration includes the following:
    • Sunday nights from 6:15-6:45pm (30 minutes) for 8 weeks, January 10, 2021 – February 28, 2021.  This class will be focusing on figure skating disciplines (Artistry in Motion, Dance, Synchro, Theater on Ice) that cover skills found in individual and group programs.
    • Monday nights from 7:15-8:15pm (60 minutes) for 8 weeks, January 11, 2021 – March 1, 2020.  This class will consist of 30 minutes of LTS class level instruction and 30 minutes of Aspire edges, jumps, spins, and Moves curriculum.
    • TBD: OFF ICE training (dependent on space needs and COVID-19 regulations). 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

*The required $25 Learn to Skate USA membership fee is paid once per season (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021).  All skaters on AFSC ice must have a current Learn to Skate USA (or US Figure Skating) membership.  If you are a member of AAHA, your club membership with them does NOT cover your membership with Learn to Skate USA as we are two separate organizations.
**If your skater is a current member of AAHA or another figure skating club, and you wish to opt out of fundraising, then you pay the $20 Guest fee.  This fee is paid each session.